I’m Cecilia

I work hard, a little bit shy, and hate being the centre of attention.
I won a cross-country race when I was eight, and I still think about it.
I’ve moved around a lot and speak a couple of languages.
I did a degree in Copywriting 
I’m the only person on earth with ADHD 
I put out a bush fire in a sundress. 
I’m as direct as they come; luckily, my time back on home soil has reminded me how to soften the delivery.
Don’t worry, I’ve got it down.
My favourite drink is tequila on the rocks with fresh lime.
I’m celiac, yes Cecilia the celiac ha-ha.
Getting dressed is my favourite part of the day.
I’m the middle child.
When I’m stressed, I rearrange my room.
I find it hard to produce a creative idea without a solid + well research concept.
I’m randomly getting better at maths.
I love a spreadsheet.
I have my driver's license.
I got chased by wild dogs while on horseback in Lesotho.
I want to get into winter swimming at London Fields Lido.
I’m competitive.
I work hard.
I could keep this random stream of personal facts going forever but you may have stopped reading by now, but if you haven't and want to hear more about putting a fire out in a sundress or help psych me up for winter swimming drop me an email or find me on Instagram - both links are below

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